Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Preschool Benchmark Assessment

Tomorrow I begin my new job teaching at a church preschool 2 mornings a week!  I have lots of mixed emotions, but my organized, planning self has kicked in and I've been preparing for the past few days.  One of the things I really wanted to do is get a good idea what skills my kids are bringing with them.  Since this is a mixed age group (3s & 4s), I know ability levels are going to be very spread out.  I had a lot of trouble finding a good benchmark assessment online that fit what I was looking for (basic kindergarten readiness skills), so I decided to create my own!  I wanted to share it with you all in case you have a need for it.  I plan on going back and reassessing a various points (probably 3-4 times total) to see how they've grown over the course of the year.  It would be great for you homeschoolers as well!

I'm not a very experienced blogger, so I had trouble figuring out how to go about making the Word document available. I finally settled on a Google Document (since that's all I could figure out!  haha!), but the formatting is really messed up.  If this looks like something you'd like to have, leave your e-mail in the comments section & I'll send you the Word Document!

The Busy at Home Mom's Preschool Benchmark Assessment

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  1. Some of the margins are a little off. I like the format, and the information you're trying to get from the assessment seems to fit the age group you are targeting. Good job! Good luck tomorrow ☺