Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 21-27

This is my kids' first full week back to school (11th grade & 1st grade!!) and I'm hoping to get into more of a routine this week.  Last week was crazy & random, and I so crave order & peace!  :)  I have 3 weeks until I go back to work.....just part-time, 2 mornings a week teaching at a local church's pre-school, and I have got to get into a routine before that begins.  My family & my home are a top priority and I am not going to let those things slide because of my work.  One of the biggest reasons I felt the need to stop teaching full-time was that I recognized that my family was only getting what I had "leftover" at the end of the day.....and when you spend all day with 25 7 year old, there isn't always much left!  I was cranky, tired, short, and not very pleasant most nights to my family, and that is not what I desire for them.  THEY are my crowned jewel, THEY should be getting the very best of me.  And while I am thrilled at the opportunity to teach in this capacity (especially since my little guy gets to attend for FREE!) I am committed to doing things very differently. that I got that off of my's my menu plan!

B:  Turkey sausage biscuits
L:  Ravioli Bake (I added 2 cups of cooked ground beef) & garlic bread 
D:  Youth Group potluck (I host & assist with our church's youth)

B:  oatmeal & fresh fruit
L:  Turkey & laughing cow cheese wraps, salad, fresh fruit  Toddler:  leftover ravioli bake, applesauce
D:  Kids: chicken nuggets & leftover white mac-n-cheese,  Me: grilled chicken & roasted veggies, DH (packed work dinner): Sandwich, chips, fruit

B:  ham, egg & cheese English Muffin sandwich & fresh fruit
L:  Chicken salad sandwiches, fresh fruit  Toddler:  PB&J, yogurt, fruit
D: Italian Chicken Roll-Ups, pasta, salad

L:  Turkey & laughing cow cheese wraps, salad, fresh fruit  Toddler:  hot dog, mac-n-cheese, fruit
D: Tacos, Black bean Salad (recipe coming)

B:  ham, egg, & cheese omlets, fruit
L:  taco salad, fresh fruit  Toddler:  spaghetti o's, fruit
D: Asian glazed drumsticks, rice, sauteed veggies  

B:  whole grain waffles w/ honey & pecans, fruit
L:  chicken salad sandwiches, fresh fruit  Toddler:  PB&J, yogurt, fruit
D: Family outting to Frankie's Fun Park w/ DHs work - will eat hot dogs & hamburgers there!

B:  Turkey sausage & cheese biscuits, grits
L:  BBQ chicken breasts, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob
D: Kids & Me: leftovers, DH (packed work dinner): turkey brats, pretzels, fruit

Kids' Snacks:  frozen Gogurt, granola bars, fruit, cheese sticks, popcorn

Blessings from my home to yours,

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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Cleaning Schedule

I'm not an organized person by nature, but I SO want to be!  I love making lists, schedules, plans, and the like, but sometimes have trouble actually sticking to them once the fun process of creating said list or schedule is complete.  Finally, after 2 years of being a full-time wife, mother, and home-maker, I've found a cleaning schedule that I've been able to actually STICK to.  I have my plan broken down into Morning Chores, Evening Chores and Day Specific Chores.  I also have a teen-age daughter who has assigned daily chores.  Here's my schedule:

Every Day Morning Chores:
Start Coffee
Start Load of Laundry (I do 1 a day)
Bible Reading/devotional
Unload dishwasher/drainer
Thaw anything needed for dinner
Make beds
wipe down bathrooms (with 1 wipe I wipe counter, sink, and then toilet)
Swap laundry

Every Day Afternoon/Evening Chores:
10 minute playroom tidy
fold & put away laundry
clean kitchen & sweep floor
change out dish rage & hand towel
load & run dishwasher
10 minute downstairs tidy before bed

Day Specific Chores:
Weekend Recovery Cleaning
Sweep & mop kitchen
Daughter: clean & mop upstairs bathroom
Clean & mop master bathroom
Decluttering Project (I focus on 1 area each week of the month): week 1-a bedroom closet, week 2-laundry closet, week 3-kitchen drawers or cabinets, week 4-pantry or hall closet, week 5-playroom
daughter: vacuum whole house, scoop backyard
Wash/wipe down kitchen appliances
Clean out refrigerator
daughter: clean & mop downstairs bathroom
Monthly Deep Cleaning project (I do 2 tasks each week of the month): ceiling fans, windows, dust blinds & window sills, doors & frames, switch plates & door knobs, shampoo carpets, mouldings, vacuum & shampoo living room sofa & chairs, change A/C filter
Pay bills & balance checkbook
daughter: vacuum downstairs, dust
Menu plan upcoming week
Clean little boys' room
daughter: wipe all mirrors, TVs, pictures, & door glass
Clean out van
daughter: vacuum downstairs
clip & sort coupons
plan shopping trips

Have you found a cleaning plan that works for you?  I'd love it if you shared!

Blessings from my home to yours!

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Menu Plan Monday ~ August 1-7

It's been a rough weekend for me & my family.  Nothing life threatening; but as parents, my husband and I have made the tough choice to turn some issues concerning one of our children over to God's control.  We've learned the brutally hard way that we are not in control  and that our efforts to lead our child in the direction we think best is only getting in the way of the path God has laid out.  We can't change the situation or improve things....but we are holding hard & fast to the knowledge that God can.  If you are felt lead, prayers regarding this issue would be appreciated more than words can say.

Meanwhile...A few chapters in Acts, and cup of coffee (with yummy hazelnut creamer!!!) and Menu Planning this morning has taken my mind off things that aren't really in my control anyway.  Loving my family, cleaning my house & cooking good meals are well within my control, though, and I plan to do it all this week to His glory!

B: Muffins & yogurt
L: Chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese, fresh fruit
D: Deep Dish Pizza, salad

B: pancakes & sausage links
L: Sandwiches or leftovers, fresh fruit
D: Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas, Mexican Rice

B: Ham Egg & Cheese Sandwiches, hash browns
L: Corn dogs, sweet potato fries, fresh fruit
D: Beef Tips, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls

B: Sausage biscuits & grits
L: sandwiches or leftovers, fresh fruit
D: Chicken & Rice casserole, green beans

L: pizza rolls, fresh fruit
D: Grilled pork chops, Rice-a-Roni, corn

B: Eggs, sausage, grits, hash browns, toast
L: sandwiches or leftovers, fresh fruit
D: Hamburgers & hot dogs, raw fries

B: Cereal or oatmeal
D: Youth Group potluck

What's going to be on your plates this week?

Blessings from my home to yours!

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