Monday, August 1, 2011

My Cleaning Schedule

I'm not an organized person by nature, but I SO want to be!  I love making lists, schedules, plans, and the like, but sometimes have trouble actually sticking to them once the fun process of creating said list or schedule is complete.  Finally, after 2 years of being a full-time wife, mother, and home-maker, I've found a cleaning schedule that I've been able to actually STICK to.  I have my plan broken down into Morning Chores, Evening Chores and Day Specific Chores.  I also have a teen-age daughter who has assigned daily chores.  Here's my schedule:

Every Day Morning Chores:
Start Coffee
Start Load of Laundry (I do 1 a day)
Bible Reading/devotional
Unload dishwasher/drainer
Thaw anything needed for dinner
Make beds
wipe down bathrooms (with 1 wipe I wipe counter, sink, and then toilet)
Swap laundry

Every Day Afternoon/Evening Chores:
10 minute playroom tidy
fold & put away laundry
clean kitchen & sweep floor
change out dish rage & hand towel
load & run dishwasher
10 minute downstairs tidy before bed

Day Specific Chores:
Weekend Recovery Cleaning
Sweep & mop kitchen
Daughter: clean & mop upstairs bathroom
Clean & mop master bathroom
Decluttering Project (I focus on 1 area each week of the month): week 1-a bedroom closet, week 2-laundry closet, week 3-kitchen drawers or cabinets, week 4-pantry or hall closet, week 5-playroom
daughter: vacuum whole house, scoop backyard
Wash/wipe down kitchen appliances
Clean out refrigerator
daughter: clean & mop downstairs bathroom
Monthly Deep Cleaning project (I do 2 tasks each week of the month): ceiling fans, windows, dust blinds & window sills, doors & frames, switch plates & door knobs, shampoo carpets, mouldings, vacuum & shampoo living room sofa & chairs, change A/C filter
Pay bills & balance checkbook
daughter: vacuum downstairs, dust
Menu plan upcoming week
Clean little boys' room
daughter: wipe all mirrors, TVs, pictures, & door glass
Clean out van
daughter: vacuum downstairs
clip & sort coupons
plan shopping trips

Have you found a cleaning plan that works for you?  I'd love it if you shared!

Blessings from my home to yours!

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  1. Hmm...I think I need to add cleaning out my car to my list of weekly activities. My trunk looks like a theater backstage exploded--costumes, glitter galore! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I, too, love the creation part of lists and schedules better than actually carrying them out. I'm trying something else that seems to be working. I list the hours of my day and put tasks beside them. Once the task is done I have time to work on my blog, read or craft until the next hour rolls around. Works better for me with some physical restrictions than looking at a list and thinking "Oh no -- I've got to do all this before I sit down."

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