Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh, to have Mary's faith.....

Today I stumbled upon Luke 1:26-55 in my bible reading and was so struck by Mary's faith.  Here she was, a young girl, a virgin about to be married, when she was faced with the seemingly absurd.  An angel came to her and told her that she was to conceive and give birth to a son...the Son of all sons.  Let that absorb in your mind for a moment.  Can you imagine the thoughts going through her head?  Can you imagine how you would feel if faced with the same? Absurdity, nervousness, fear, confusion, questioning my own mental stability are just a few I imagine I would feel.  But not Mary.  Her words struck me to my core and made me realize just how frail my own faith in the Lord is in comparison to hers.  She simply said,

"I am the Lord's servant.  
May everything you have said about me come true"

Wow.  To have Mary's faith and trust in the Lord.  All too often, when I feel myself being lead by the Lord to do big things (or even small things, sometimes, if I'm completely honest), I find myself questioning, giving excuses, trying to reason with God, even arguing at times.  Today I find myself humbled by Mary's unwavering faith and complete trust in God's plan for her life, even when faced by the seemingly impossible.  I am being gently nudged by the Spirit this morning, whom I hear whispering to me, "You can do it too.  You can have big faith too, if only you would trust in God's promises and follow where He leads."  I am comforted and encouraged by the promise found in Luke 1:37

"For nothing is impossible with God" 

NOTHING is impossible with God, no, not a thing when you answer Him with a "Yes, Lord, I am your servant.  Lead me where You will and call me to do what You would have me do.  I am listening and I will be obedient".  I find such comfort in this today, and hope that you are encouraged as well.

Blessings from my home to yours!

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