Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Bible Lesson: The Good Samaritan

I started out all "good intentional" (is that a word??) with my idea for weekly bible stories 3 weeks ago.  The first week went wonderfully....and then I took our youth group to camp, so no lesson that week.  And then I came home from camp exhausted, went straight into a holiday weekend, and then baby-sat my friend's little girl all last week, so no bible lesson that week, either.  This week I'm determined to get back to being intentional with my time, so I am excited about this week's bible lesson for my boys!  I found some really awesome ideas & activities online and can't wait to get started.  I think they're going to have a ball with it!  Last time Bubby, the oldest, was constantly asking for MORE WORK, so I planned a lot for this week!

Here's everything I hope to do this week!

The Good Samaritan

Memory Verse:  “A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES” Proverbs 17:17

Intro Video (Cullen’s ABCs):

·        Map Book (from Munckin’s SS class)
·        Toddler Bible version
·        Bible for Young Readers version
·        Mom’s bible

Language Arts Activities:
·        Words that begin with “G” list
·        Journal Entry: Who Are My Neighbors?  How Can I Help Them?
·        True/False Questions about the parable (from Lesson Plan)
·        Comprehension Questions (from Lesson Plan)
·        Basic Letter/Sounds recognition
·        Beginning lower case recognition

Math Activities:
·        Play “Money, Money” (Discovery Toys)
·        Counting, sorting, & patterning activities with manipulatives

Other Fun Stuff/Arts & Crafts:
·        Dot to Dot/Coloring page:

Whew.....that's a lot of stuff!  If we don't get through it all, no biggie.  As my former-teacher-self used to say "Better to have too much planned than not enough!"

Do you have anything fun planned to do with your kiddos this week?  I'd love for you to share!!

Blessings from my home to yours,

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  1. Great ideas and great story to use! :)

  2. love this idea of creating a lesson plan around the bible what a great passage to use one that we could all use come see what I shared at

  3. Those are some really great ideas! We just finished learning about the good samaritan here with my preschoolers a few weeks ago! We use a curriculum that ties in Bible stories with all of our lessons as well! (I call my son Bubby too! lol)

  4. OH...enjoy it! My three are in college and not too interested in what I have planned! I love them now but sometimes miss the days when they were so small and teachable.

  5. Great ideas! I just started the Bible in 90 Days challenge over at I've been having my kids to the reading that goes along with it and then following up by asking them questions. Not nearly as complete as what you're doing. You've really inspired me. ;)