Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Bible Lesson: Jonah & the Whale

In an effort to keep my children occupied & busy (read: out of trouble!) this summer, I've decided to focus on a bible lesson each week with them.  This week we'll be taking on Jonah and the Whale.  My boys are  5 1/2 (Bubby just finished kindergarten) and 2 1/2 (the Munchkin), so I have to plan differently for each of them.  This week some of the activities I plan on doing are:

Both Boys:
1. Reading the story from their Children's Bible.

2. Memory Verse: "This is love for God: to obey His commands." John 5:3
-Both boys will work on memorizing with the aid of hand motions.  Munchkin will probably get a few of the words, whereas Bubby should be able to memorize it.  I made flashcards containing 1 word each to help Bubby with the memorization process.

3. Coloring Sheet (on page 2 of the pdf)

4. Jonah & the Whale Song (on page 5 of the pdf)

5. Crayon & Water Color Art project: they will draw a whale/ocean scene with crayon and then paint over it with blue water color

6.  Paper Bag Whale Craft

7.  Jonah & the Whale Veggie Tales movie

Bubby Only
1. Maze

2. Word Search

3. Comprehension Questions

4.  W Word list: he will make a list of words that begin with the letter "W"

5.  Ways to Obey: I'll tie the lesson in with the importance of obeying.  He will write ways he can obey God, mom & dad this week.

6. On-line jigsaw puzzle

Munchkin Only:
1. Whale coloring sheet: we'll work on recognizing & coloring with Blue this week.

2.  "W" coloring sheet: I made a sheet with several "W"s, as well as a few other letters.  We'll work on identifying the "W"s and then color them blue.

What are you doing with your kids this week?

Blessings from my home to yours

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  1. I love this idea alot thanks so much for sharing... I am visiting from Becoming a Strong Woman of God. Stop by some time... Loving Him Greatly ~Sonya

  2. thanks for sharing these I also love to share whale crackers with the lesson of Jonah

  3. Love that idea--thank you for posting! And thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  4. Great ideas!


  5. Beautiful gathering of ideas. If our children could see the importance of obeying God it could save them from much grief.

  6. I just found you through Time Warp Wife and I love this idea! I've been searching for a way to keep my two boys busy this summer since we just had a baby 3 weeks ago and won't be doing too much traveling this summer. Thank you so much!! Will you be posting your lesson each week?? I'd love to read your ideas each week!

    Here's the link to my blog if you are interested!

  7. I was thinking that summer is the perfect time to have a daily Bible time with my own kids. I just stopped teaching the young kids class for our churches Wednesday night Bible Club, I found out I'm expecting our 5th child and my morning sickness caused me to miss Wed. nights more often. So I'm taking the next year off teaching, but I kept out all my teaching stuff. I have a whole stack of Bible craft books, Bible lessons, short stories, reprintables. No use letting them go to waste this summer, I think I'll start doing them with my own kids. Thanks for the ideas!