Friday, June 24, 2011

Leftover Makeover

My husband and I do not see eye to eye on a very important subject.....leftovers.  As a child, he often ate leftovers for 3 days straight (according to his memory, not his mother's!) and therefore believes that the rightful place of leftovers is the trash can.  Normally, he is not a wasteful person at all, but with the exception of pizza and hamburgers, there is little else he cares to eat a second time.

Now me, being the frugal person that I am, cannot stand to see food wasted, especially in the years since going to a single-income family.  In the past I've simply resigned to making new meals for my husband each day and eating leftovers myself for lunch in order to reduce the waste.  

Lately, however, I have embarked on a quest to Makeover our leftovers into ways that my husband will not only simply eat, but will enjoy as well.  After all, my aim each day is to please & serve him, and so I want the meals I present him to be pleasing to him as well.

One of my most successful "Leftover Makeover" ventures has been Breakfast Biscuits.  Who doesn't love a good biscuit for breakfast....especially when they're cheap & easy?!?!  Usually at least twice a week our family has Breakfast Biscuits, made with an assortment of leftover breakfast meats from our big Saturday breakfast, meats from other dinners throughout the week, chicken nuggets, and Banquet sausages.  It all depends on what's leftover and what else is needed to feed everyone.

I always start out with a cheap can of store brand biscuits, or "Hockey Pucks" as my husband lovingly refers to them.  Despite his pet name for them, they really are good this way!

Then I heat up whatever meats we have leftover.  If there isn't enough leftover meat to feed everyone, I'll add a few chicken nuggets or those Banquet Brown n' Serve sausage patties (I stock up when Kroger has them 10/$10.  These are the perfect size for a "hockey puck"!!) 

Here's leftover County Fried Steak fingers

And here's an assortment of leftover breakfast meats, chicken nuggets, and banquet sausages, with condiments

When you put it all together, it results in a delicious breakfast pleasing to everyone!

And for my little munchkin who does not like Breakfast biscuits, I cut up his meat into bite-sized pieces and  make his biscuit with jelly!

How do you makeover your leftovers?  I'd love to hear your ideas & suggestions!

Blessings from my home to yours!

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  1. Oh that's a great idea! Not for my husband (who will always eat my leftovers), but for me (I hate leftovers). Sometimes I will take leftover ground meat, layer it in the bottom of a pie plate, and stack it with things like potatoes, etc to use up leftovers in a pie. Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. I hate seeing food go to waste too! There are times when I surprise myself and can use the leftovers in a new and creative way, but then there are times that I can't figure out anything to do with them but reheat them and eat them a second time. So thank you for this idea, and for getting me thinking again about what creative uses I can do with leftovers.